Life is good! Life is inspirational!

Break in the Clouds

We had a glorious day yesterday. It was warm and sunny and such a welcome break to this long cold winter


Writers Block

A limerick which amused me at least!

There once was a lass who could write
Limericks into the night
But she got writers block
Her mind seemed to lock
And ….. 😂

Memo from Santa

The Cat in the Attic

There’s a cat in the attic
She refuses to budge
She’s been there for months
And cannot be nudged
And I’ve offered her comfort
In the rest of the house
But the cat in the attic
Prefers to hunt out the mouse
That also resides there
For before now he’d squeak
Though there’s been silence on that front
Now for over a week!

There’s a cat in the attic
She’s been there for years
I’ve begged her to come down
Have even resorted to tears
With treats to entice her
To come and play down the stairs
Though she doesn’t oblige and has
Seemingly no cares
But she seems pretty happy
To stay put in the roof
With her meals sent up daily
She remains quite aloof

There’s a cat in the attic
She’s been there decades
Never ventured much further
Or gone on escapades
She’s lived her whole life
In rafters up high
Occasionally peaking
At the stars in the sky
But the cat in the attic
Simply will not come down
Lost in lands of imaginings
Where she’s the cat about town

Do you ever wonder why, in a world that offers so many opportunities to understand from all the sources of information available, that the will to tolerate and understand seem to be at an all time low?

Where are our listening hearts?

Have you ever wondered what happens to spiders
In the winter when the weather bites cold
Where do they go to? What do they then do?
To stop themselves dying – more so grow old
Do they look for a warm pad with heating
In a barn or a convenient shed
Or do they creep in the house to adjourn
From the frost and curl up in your bed?
But no! Spiders it seems are quite crafty
And manufacture their own antifreeze
That stops ice building up in their insides
To keep their blood flowing with ease!
And their babies – now this is the cute bit!
If they hatch on the coldest of days
Stay huddled together in the egg sac
Until a time when there are warmer rays
Then they chomp through the outer protection
With their fangs as a means to run free
To escape and get on with their own lives
Spin webs – have their own family
But moreover if you see a spider in your house
Know it hasn’t come in from the cold
But most likely has lived his whole life there
In the cracks, out of sight so I’m told!
And thus in the midst of a winter
Know your spider has his own box of tricks
And is probably sat nearby observing
You watching a film on Netflix!

Care with Kindness

Care Kindly

Graciousness, compassion, empathy, respect, regard, love, kindness. Aren’t these the ways we should treat everyone? How is it then, that when it comes to the elderly, some chose to disregard this list of common courtesies. This is the generation that gave the rest of us breath. They have made their contributions to society often through hard work and toil. They have experience and wisdom in their hand. They deserve our love and compassion. Why then, in the Western world particularly, do we hear of their so-called carers being so abusive and treating our sagacious gems of society, like dirt! In a world where we can be anything – be kind! BE KIND! TO EVERYONE! It’s really simple.


The yellow rose symbolises friendship and care. They also represent remembrance. This poem is dedicated then to friendship and the everlasting blessing they give 💕



A poem to highlight words that have come to the fore in the pandemic – covid vocabulary 

A new vocab is spreading
At an R of ten or more
It’s growing exponentially
With sizeable vigour
That started when the toilet roll
Sold out in every state
As folk were told to stay at home
And to self-isolate

For a pangolin or bat it seemed
From Wuhan overseas
Had introduced a virus
To human communities
And from there, it had gone rampant
Setting off a pandemic
That was as nasty as could be
Making folk really sick

So we now must social-distance;
Wash our hands throughout the days
Less Corona dares to get us
In unprecedented ways
So whilst we shun covidiots
When they are so unwise
We won’t forget when we could only
Shop essential buys

Not forgetting that the Chancellor
Committed billions of pounds
As schools and pubs and shops and clubs
All had to shut right down
And folk were put on furlough
To stay home; watch Netflix
Though some preferred to chat on Zoom
Or workout with Joe Wicks

Still others started working
From their residential pad
With musicians hung out to dry
And others down and sad
And parents had to fathom out
Pythagoras and the like
As they taught their darling kiddiewinks
To stop a second spike!

Not forgetting all the keyworkers
Who brought in deliveries
Emptied the bins and kept on top
Of the necessitates
From the supermarket assistants
To the chemist and the rest
Who put themselves in trouble’s way
To do their very best

Whilst others had to stay inside
By shielding from the rest
With Grandparents and others
Confined in their own nests
Away from friends and family
In a measure so surreal
That lockdown for the vulnerable
Was such a harsh ordeal

But over everything else
There was a new frontline
Of doctors and of nurses
Of carers who defined
The war effort against the bug
In complete PPE
Selflessly saving lives to care
For the likes of you and me

And so together, globally
A pause button‘s been pressed
With mitigations such as masks
To help the NHS
And other healthcare systems
Who despite the quarantine
Have struggled to keep a-pace of
Noxious COVID19

So the nation has tried to flatten out
The curve that previously
They’d not heard of along with words
Like herd immunity
And so in just a few short months
The lexicon has grown
So now these words are commonplace
When they were once unknown


Covid Vocabulary