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Family Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas.


Hoping one and all have had a Happy Christmas and sending best wishes for the New Year:

I asked for Scotch this Christmas
A wee dram just for me
To sip at leisure Christmas Day
In festive company
Whilst kids around the fireplace
Played with their brand new toys
The Mrs scorched the turkey
And got a bit annoyed

Aunt Ethel turned up smiling
At all who past her by
And Uncle Fred, her other half
With twinkle in his eye
Told tales of how it had been
Back in the good old days
With booming voice announcing that “Those kids are spoilt today”

So teens became disgruntled
With heads down in their phones
Not speaking much bar the odd grunt
That said ‘Leave us alone’
And Grandma started nagging
At Grandad, bless his soul
Who simply wanted a quiet life
Not fetch the bloomin’ coal

But round the Christmas…

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