Life is good! Life is inspirational!


It became his obsession
His will; his desire
To visit, to ponder
To hop on the wire
And see what he could see
To gleam and to know
In case there was something
He missed; that might go
Past him without his
Awareness; his sight
It became his obsession
Day in and at night
To read all he could read
In case she revealed
A nugget about him
Put it out in the field
And blighted his name
Told the way that it is
The things that he’d done
The lies he had lived
So that someone may think
Less of him! Oh the fear
That after all of this time
After so many years
Exposure would come
And then come at a cost
For he wanted to win
But in his heart he had lost
For despite all the covers
The tracks he’d hid well
The threat was always
That she might just go tell
The truth and then out
In the open it’d be
And he would be damned
For eternity!

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