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A Thought For The New Year

We live in an imperfect world
And walk uneven tracks
We breathe polluted air in lungs
Lug grievances on backs
We cry tears into salty lakes
With droughts inside our hearts
We plead ignorance so unaware
But do we do our part?

For in imperfect let us show
All true diversity
And on rough pathways let us find
The core of all beauty
And lose the rocks that hold us down
Inhale; respire fresh air
Let water in fresh rivers flow
Reach out to show you care

And as Auld Lang Syne sings out from
The top of clock and hour
Be strong, resolved, and have firm hope
To honour and empower
The best; the truth; the passage of
True love with heartened cheer
That wishes each and every one
A great happy new year

an old post card

an old post card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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